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Stefano has worked with me for many years as a consultant. I appreciated his passion for neuromarketing and for the projects he participated in. He has great enthusiasm and is capable of delivering jobs on time, to care the overall quality and details, and to meet the expected results.

Gianluca Anguzza, CEO at New Value Group Pte Ltd – Singapore

Enthusiasm. Is the word to describe Stefano. He is passionate, not only about his work but about life in general and he’s able to communicate this to others. He is an excellent manager with strong leadership skills

Michel Dolgopiatoff, Amministratore Delegato – LuxDoma Real Estate

Stefano has an interesting approach to neuroscience that applies to marketing, sales and leadership. Being in touch with him is a valuable experience.

Leonardo Messeri, GE Oil & Gas

Ho conosciuto Stefano nell’ambito delle docenze svolte presso FCA. Prima che un eccellente professionista, Stefano è una mente vivace e curiosa. Ha un profilo molto professionale, puntuale nei rapporti di collaborazione, molto attento al business e verso i propri clienti

Alessandro Borraccino,

Stefano is a self-starter, highly motivated professional, passionate about connecting with customers and delivering business results. Always looking for new challenges, he is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about his work. Strong professionalism, teamwork and strategic thinking. It’s nice to work with people like Stefano!

Nunzio Farina, Dell Technologies

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